Ice Cream

Pine Cone Creamery is a locally-owned business specializing in making premium hand-crafted ice cream in small batches, but we’re much more than terrifically delicious ice cream—Pine Cone is about bringing people together and celebrating life’s moments with the ones we love.

Our ice cream starts with premium milk, cream and sugar. The milk and cream that goes into our handcrafted ice cream is sourced from happy Whatcom County cows, right here in the state of Washington.
The ingredients we churn into our ice cream—homemade cookies, brownies and inclusions come right from our kitchen. We only use all-natural food dyes sourced from nature’s beautiful rainbow—blue and green spirulina, purple carrot, turmeric and beet extract to name a few.
Can't have milk? Our selection of non-dairy ice creams are made with either coconut milk or oat milk and our sorbets are always made with real, fresh fruit. Both are always 100% Vegan Friendly.
Featured Flavors
We offer 18 different rotating flavors including a couple of non-dairy and sorbet options.
Check out some of our featured favorites below!
  • Honey Lavender

  • Mint Chip

  • Tart Cherry

  • End of the Rainbow

  • Cherry Fudge

  • Orange Dreamsicle

  • Bourbon Caramel Pecan

  • Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie
Orange Dreamsicle
Chocolate Banana Malt
Chocolate Orange Chip
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Raspberry Lemon Bar
Blue Moon
Bananas Foster
Bourbon Caramel Pecan
End Of The Rainbow
Earl Grey
Klicker's Strawberry
Blueberry Cardamom Shortbread
Mocha Coffee Toffee
Banana Cream Pie
Pumpkin Salted Caramel
Boozy Eggnog
Coffee & Donuts
Banana Caramel Swirl
Double Trouble Cookie Dough
Mint Chip
Cherry Fudge Swirl
Cookies & Cream
Lavender Honey
Coffee & Donuts
Tart Cherry
Banana Oreo
Flavors and availability subject to change.

Pine Cone Creamery is a family-owned ice cream shop brought alive from the vision of Kory and Rachel Nagler, owners of The Maple Counter Cafe, which has been serving breakfast to the Walla Walla masses since 2011.

Rachel and Kory both grew up on the Olympic Peninsula on the West side of the state and attended The University of Washington, where Rachel worked thru college at an ice cream shop on The Ave, dreaming of opening her own shop one day. Kory too loved the idea of creating a multi-generational community-gathering place where you could run into neighbors, spend time with friends and family, and make the vastness of the world feel a bit smaller by sharing a sweet treat with someone you love.

Life took Kory and Rachel in the direction of The Maple Counter, but the dream of an ice cream shop never left. The pieces finally came together in 2020 and despite the madness of opening a new business during Covid, and welcoming their third child to boot, the dream of The Pine Cone Creamery persisted, and the power of ice cream to connect people remains at the heart of their vision.

“Ice Cream makes the vastness of the world feel a bit smaller by sharing a sweet treat with someone you love”